All-in-one bathroom island in solid oak

The cabin is an all-in-one bathroom concept. Designed for small spaces, it fits perfectly into a room requiring a water point. Thanks to the cabin, you have everything at hand. The doors offer ergonomic shelves, the drawers offer ample storage space. Lighting, sockets and USB port ensure comfort and practicality.

 The cabin is an innovative concept for installing a water point that is both stylish and practical. All the essentials of a bathroom in a chic and elegant storage cabinet: mirrors, storage, lighting, sockets, towel racks... everything has been thought out and considered to offer you all the essentials of a bathroom. a bathroom in a cabin.

The cabin is one of the finest examples of Line Art know-how, the ultra-quality materials: solid oak, high-end hinges, natural stone top... everything comes together in this concept to satisfy you! 

The advantages The cabin
  • 8 oiled finishes to choose from 
  • 2 door models
  • 2 back fronts to choose from: with or without mirror
  • Automatic LED lighting when the doors are opened
  • 2 conventional sockets and 1 USB socket
  • Fixed central mirror with 2 adjustable side mirrors
  • Removable drawer storage included
  • Delivered assembled
Premium Material:

This piece of furniture is made from high quality solid wood. 

Oak is one of the most prestigious woods in our temperate European regions. Resistant and very hard, it is an ideal material for beautiful carpentry. Oiled by us, it becomes resistant to humidity. Solid oak also adds natural warmth and authentic beauty to your bathroom.

Design and original

The cabin transforms the atmosphere of a room in a single gesture and places the intimacy of a bathroom at the heart of a bedroom or dressing room. An innovative and original solution, the cabin constitutes an asset in the search to save space as well as an original way of approaching the creation of a complete bathroom open to the bedroom.   

In summary

the cabin is the assurance of original and unique bathroom furniture. Like all Line Art brand designs, this piece of furniture is an investment in the quality and aesthetics of your bathroom.


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