Our environnemental policy

The forest, our raw material

Wood is a natural resource of our planet and our raw material. We all depend on its renewal which is why Line Art is committed to a responsible development approach that starts with the choice of origin of the wood used and continues throughout the various production processes.

Controlled resources

The teak and oak that we use is subject to strict worldwide management controls. Line Art uses teak managed by the Indonesian government, established over 150 years ago and FSC® certified. This certification, issued by an independent international body, authorises Line Art to buy, stock and sell from these controlled sources. In addition Line Art also manufactures furniture from recycled teak from buildings that have been demolished...

Responsible economic approach

Line ART works continuously on recycling waste during the production processes. For example sawdust is collected to operate the kilns which are used for drying the wood.


FSC®FSC® is an international organization that guarantees responsible forest management worldwide. This organization certifies that products benefitting from the FSC® label originate from managed forests and that Line Art is authorised to buy, stock and sell products from these sources.


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